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    This is not a straight forward thread thus some divergence is generally acceptable. I happen to disagree with the approach that rookies should be able to depend on shelters as a substitute for experience and gear. IMHO Before someone steps solo into the woods, they should have the skills or equipment to be able to survive with what is on their back or with available local materials. If they dont, then hire a guide until they have those skills. Shelters are a dangerous crutch as noted they may not be there when someone needs one. Sure I use them when they are there but I have a backup plan. Slips trips and falls dont happen in front of shelter yet are quite prevalent. In most cases the hiker may not be able to get to a shelter yet does have access to what is in the pack or the nearby surroundings.

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    100% agree. I like (relatively empty) shelters, dislike wet tents. But I would never hit the trail without a tent.

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    Really? Another brainless wonder of society. I love(d) that shelter on my section hike.
    Happy Lifetime Sectioner!

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    Took the train from Chicago to Harpers Ferry summer of 2019, arrived 3 hours late, about 3. Was about 95F. Ed Garvey was a site for sore eyes. Water shuffle left a bit to be desired. Glad they fixed it so quickly. Whoever did that should have a scarlet I sewn onto their pack.

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