Fellow hikers and backpackers,

Learn how to save lives and limbs while out on the trail. Stuff happens! Maybe to you, maybe to others you come across. Should one follow the scout motto and "Be Prepared?" Well, good ole Ben Franklin once said, "By failing to prepare, you are preparing to fail. A series of highly-acclaimed 2-day Wilderness First Aid courses is coming up (also counting to recertify WFR, if you already have that):

MEDIC SOLO Wilderness First Aid Course Spring 2021
Charlottesville, VA ....... March 20-21
Norfolk, VA........................March 27-28
Washington, DC Area.......March 27-28
Lexington, VA....April 10-11
Philadelphia area, PA... April 10-11
Richmond, VA... April 24-25
Triangle area west, NC... April 24-25
Charlottesville, VA... May 15-16
Norfolk, VA... May 15-16
Triangle area, NC... May 22-23
Blacksburg, VA... May 29-31

In light of the COVID-19 pandemic, numerous added safety measures include:a) 14-days pre-course illness screening questionnaireb) Scan of each participant's body temperature each dayc) Masks and eye protection worn at all times (we'll provide masks to those who don't have)d) 6+ feet physical distance maintained as appropriate throughout class. Students can register with non-social-distancing partners and practice skills on each other or attend alone and bring a homemade mannequin (stuffed pants & shirt) as the patient.e) many more.

This lifesaving education has never been more important!

More info and registration at:

We hope to see you there!