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    Default [sold] Western Mountaineering Summerlite, neoair, sawyer mini

    It's time to lighten my load in life, but I'd like to keep it simple.

    1. Western Mountaineering Summerlite burgundy/black 6' righthand zipper sleeping bag. I got this 'used', but it was I believe never actually used when I got it, and I've put maybe 5, 6 weeks total on it over the years. I move around too much, so if I'm going to make it back on the trail again, I'll use one of the quilts I made myself.

    Weight (w/stuff sack): 20.75 oz/588 gm

    See attached photo of the actual loft using the yardstick on bag method, I don't think it's lost much loft or warmth since I got it, which was basically unused. I always slept with sleeping siiks and socks and something on my head, and have always stored it uncompressed. This bag is really nice, compressed to a really small size, I was able to get 7 day trip into a roughly 30+ liter pack without skimping really on gear.

    2. Neoair square style air mattress. regular/72" length. You either like these or you don't, I used it on one 5 day trip then went back to the thermarest prolite. I got it lightly used, it has one small stain in it, no idea, see picture, I think it may have been sap, hard to say. No stuff sack (I just kept it folded up inside a 1/8th" foam pad in my backpack).

    Weight: 13.08 oz/371 gm

    3. A Sawyer squeeze mini. With attached tube to make it work better, and, as a bonus, a real 2oz cone tipped syringe that actually fits into the tube unlike the one sawyer provides I added so you can actually do real backflushing of it. I used this on a trip or two and decided it took too long to get the water filtered, wasn't worth the small weight reduction from the regular sawyer filter to me. But if you've been curious about these, and want to pick one up essentially for free, here's your chance! Always flushed with warm water/white vinegar when stored. (See attached photo re tube and syringe).

    [SOLD: there may be some more items in the coming weeks, haven't decided yet what stays and what goes]
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    Sent you a PM.

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    Any pricing?

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    Quote Originally Posted by 123zorn View Post
    Any pricing?
    He marked it as sold last night, and it looks like he removed the price from the listing at that time.

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