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    Default To Rescue or Not To Rescue

    I wonder how many times this has actually happened.
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    Happened last winter or maybe the one before on Mt Washington in NH. A day hiker didnt report back to his contact at the end of the hike and went to a local hotel. His contact could not reach him so they called search and rescue who started a search. He got up in the morning and found out he was the subject of search. He claimed he had turned off the cell phone so he could get some sleep. I dont think they were in full search mode as they could not find his car at a trailhead.

    Years ago (pre cellphone) I was on a long day hike in the winter with a friend. He had warned his wife that we would be getting out very late. She panicked at some point and called fish and game. Somehow someone called the AMC who got the radio with Zealand Hut and asked the caretaker if they had seen two dayhikers. We had stopped by the hut on the way out and the caretaker mentioned that yes he had seen us and we probably were going to get back to the highway real late. I think we got back to the car around 11:30 PM.

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    In 2019 I managed to get lost on the trail (or off it technically) in VT. In a short period when I had cell phone service, I called 911 who transferred me to the Killington Police for instructions and assistance out of my dilemma. Of course signal was lost before any information was relayed other than "this is where I think I am and this is the direction I'm headed." Just before dusk I found my way out, and at the first house I found asked to use a phone (still no cell service) and called the Killington PD to let them know I was ok. The homeowner gave me a ride back to my car.

    Heading back to the Inn, I couldn't help but notice the large gathering of rescue and police vehicles in front of the KPD, and pulled over to thank them. As it happens, this was the search and rescue team preparing to head out in search They had not gotten my message. They were happy and relieved that I was ok (and no doubt that they didn't have to start a search in the cold).

    Anyway, I guess my point is that since I knew there were people out there concerned for my whereabouts and well-being, of course I would let them know when all was well. I will always be grateful for their concern and efforts. But if I didn't know, if I hadn't made a call in distress, why would I and who would I bother to call?
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