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    Cool Choosing a starting date

    My 35-yr-old son and I are starting our SOBO this coming June. Understanding that Katahdin weather can play havoc with planned starting dates, is there any advantage to aiming for a mid-week ascent of Katahdin as opposed to a weekend?
    Registration on the ATC site has started and I'm getting psyched! Have to pick out our starting date!!

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    Shouldn't matter what day. Not many people want to be in Maine in June.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Slo-go'en View Post
    Shouldn't matter what day. Not many people want to be in Maine in June.
    As in black flys or too early?
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    Some days, it's not worth chewing through the restraints.
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    No weather-related advantage, but it's likely to be a whole lot less crowded on a weekday. I try to avoid popular summits - wherever they are - on weekends.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gambit McCrae View Post
    As in black flys or too early?
    Black flies, mosquitos, high water crossings, mud, often very rainy in early June.

    Though with changing weather patterns, impossible to say for sure what June will be like anymore. Winters are getting shorter and spring is coming earlier.

    Weekends might be slightly busier then weekdays, but since Baxter is pretty much a day's drive from the Boston area and a half a day drive from Portland, it's hard to do just a day hike up there. You really need a 3 day weekend or a week off to make it worth while. Memorial day is usually too early for Baxter to open, so you don't have to worry much about that weekend. It doesn't really get busy until July. Up until then, it's mostly just those starting a SOBO thru.
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