Hello! I am looking for someone (or more than one person) to backpack the CT with me. I need to be done with the hike by early August for school stuff, and I知 figuring out when I want to start to make sure that happens. I知 looking at the 4-6 week timeline for the hike. Ideally, I want to find someone college aged, like myself, but I am willing to look outside of that age range as well. I also would like to hike with someone with similar or greater experience than myself, and someone who is physically capable of 10-20 miles a day. I am also looking at the possibility to have a a different hiking partner every week or every two weeks (depending on who I find from people in my life or on forums, etc), so please don稚 hesitate to reach out if you only have a week or two you could hike with me. I also want to bag a few 14ers while I知 in the areas, so hopefully you値l be open to that as well. Please reach out if you are hiking the trail next summer and would be willing to hike with me for a portion or all of the trail. Thank you!