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Thread: Snake Gaiters

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    I'd try a local 911 call first if cell service were available, but yes - a PLB use under the circumstances seems totally reasonable to me.

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    Quote Originally Posted by CalebJ View Post
    I'd try a local 911 call first if cell service were available, but yes - a PLB use under the circumstances seems totally reasonable to me.
    Thanks,that's what I'm thinking as a child's body weight is so much less than an adult I would think it would be much more serious of an emergency.

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    When doing trail maintenance I wear leather boots and OR two layer gaiters. Mostly to keep dirt out of my boots and to protect my shins from a ricocheting swing blade. Hiking is low tops trail shoes and lightweight single ply gaiters.

    I have seen probably a dozen or so timber rattlers and a couple of copperhead snakes. Most often the rattlers do not rattle unless they are startled.

    There may have been more copperheads that I didn't see. They are very well camouflaged. One of the copperheads I heard leaves rustle and had to carefully look before I finally saw it stretched out immediately to my left. It had crossed the trail in front of me and stopped just off the tread way. I took it's picture and went on my way leaving it were it stopped.

    When working on the trail I try to make a point to use a tool to move the foliage before stepping off trail or reaching into brush.

    The only near miss that I have had was hiking an overgrown AT south of Buena Vista. Deciding not to stay at Punchbowl Shelter I had pushed on looking for a stealth spot to tent.
    As it began to get dark I intentionally did not turn on my headlamp so that I might spot an open space off trail. There were small frogs or toads occasionally jumping from the undergrowth. I was wearing low top hiking shoes, shorts and no gaiters.

    Just after crossing a footbridge a patterned thick bodied snake struck at me from the left. I jumped backwards with enough force that my gatorade bottle came out of the bungie attached to my pack strap. The snake crawled off to the left. I foolishly reached down and picked up the water bottle.

    I'm not sure if it was a rattle snake that didn't warn or a water snake. My heart rate jumped so high that I had to sit down at a bench at the Brown Mountain sign for the African American settlement site to calm my self.

    The snake could have bitten me if it wanted so I suspect it was just a warning. I turned on my headlamp and proceeded much more slowly from there until Brown Mountain Shelter.

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    Business as usual for me, although I do prefer 8 inch boots, not sure if the canvas sides are snake fang proof though. I have covered quite a few miles at a jog in split leather half chaps, Basically tight fitting gaiters from ankle to just below knee. Never really bothered me. Dont see why gaiters would bother you walking..
    Although it seems like a taller leather boot would be better.

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    Given the incredibly low odds of getting snakebit I'm not too worried about it.

    A couple of years ago, a hiking partner noticed that I had just hiked past a log that had 3-4 rattlers under it. Didn't bother us, and I'm sure that I've walked past many, many snakes without even knowing it.

    The one that startled me most was an unusual yellow/black Eastern Hognose that rared up like a miniature cobra and startled me enough to jump sideways off the trail. Didn't even know it was a hognose from the coloring, but they're really harmless to people.

    UL, because nobody ever asks "How can I make my pack heavier?"

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    Some days, it's not worth chewing through the restraints.
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    Quote Originally Posted by FreeGoldRush View Post
    As soon as you wear snake gators you’ll get hit by lightning or a crazy lunatic. There’s just no telling.
    Obviously has no stock in Dirty Girls!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Deadeye View Post
    Obviously has no stock in Dirty Girls!
    Dirty Girl doesn’t make snake gaiters. Their gaiters are mainly to keep debris out of your shoes.

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    I too have only seen rattlers on the Trail but only in Pennsylvania, they seemed unconcerned as I passed them. But I do love a good snake story! In 1970 Louisiana while training for my senior trip to Vietnam one of my fellow draftees was bitten on the index finger by a Pygmy rattler, a vicious little snake pretty common in the south. Long story short he ended up losing that finger thus saving him a tour in the infantry, truly a million dollar wound. Absolutely no bearing on the thread here but to add to the possible outcome of a bite. 42783037-60A9-4AC0-8DE2-7034C7C0E813.jpeg
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