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    Default BMT Thru Hikers Guide- Thanks Sgt Rock!

    After trying for a while to find a copy for sale in a store, I finally ordered a copy of the BMT Thru Hikers Guide direct from Sgt Rock (the author) this past Friday. It arrived yesterday, earlier than expected, and included a personal note and signature from the Sarge! This guide is really useful as it reads much like the classic AT Thru Hikers Guide from AWOL. Good elevation profiles, waypoints, loads of info.

    Just wanted to pass along a thanks for great service and for keeping this book up to date each year. This is a 2020-2021 version for those of you who are thinking of getting it. Here is a link: if you want to go check it out.

    For what it's worth, I don't plan to thru hike it but have been steadily doing sections and this will really help plan for the weekend trips I want to do next year.

    Thanks, Sgt. Rock!

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    that's the only way to order to be honest....

    that way to get the most current one....

    lots of folks on this board have done pieces of the BMT, so if you have any questions, ask away...

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    Glad to hear he's still around. As I recall few disappeared from wb a few years back. I need to get back and finish the second half of the BMT but who knows when I'll get the chance...

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