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    Default FS: Delorme inReach SE

    FS: Delorme inReach SE
    Free CONUS shipping. Paypal only.
    Delorme Pic 1.JPGDelorme Pic 2.JPGDelorme Plan Desc 1.jpgDelorme Plan Desc 2 - Contract Plan.jpgDelorme Plan Desc 3 - Freedom Plan.jpg

    In “like new” condition. No scratches or dings.

    We set up several preset message to send each night, such as: (1) At camp, all is fine. (2) Will hit next resupply point tomorrow. (3) Picked up resupply with no problem and are now at camp for night. This way our Support Team knew if we were on schedule or not and how to adjust future shipments.

    We also relied on it when we had no cell phone reception. We could send satellite messages, such as: (1) Please send xyz replacement gear part to abc mailing address. (2) Please book us a hotel reservation as xyz for abc night.

    We also relied on it to receive message from our families and loved ones. Especially helpful with elderly or sick family members.

    Very flexible service plans. See attached photos for options and prices. There’s a reasonable plan that meets every need.


    Newer models of this product retail for $350.

    Will sell for $160 via Paypal. Or use the Paypal Friends & Family option and buy it for $155.

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    Price drop. $140.

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    I have the same device...I'm surprised it hasn't been snapped up for that price. Damn good piece of gear

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    Still available. $140 Paypal Friends & Family option. Would make a great Christmas gift for next year's hike!

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    Sale pending to HBA.

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    Delorme has been sold.

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