After 14 years of eating these commercial meals I should know this... but, I'm having some doubts? I use the freezer bag method to cook all my meals... simply boil 2 cups of water and pour it into a freezer bag. Days before leaving I unpack my commercial meals (MH; Wise) and put them into a freezer bag... so at the most they have been unpacked for maybe a week to ten days before I consume them. My current planned LASH has me mailing two mail drops and with the time in transit and an additional 3 to 10 days at a mailing location. NOW these meals may have been unpacked for perhaps two weeks or more (I mail my boxes way early) and I'm somewhat concerned about their integrity of these meals now?
I can mail them in there commercial packaging and that's my plan, however, I'd rather unpack them to mail in smaller packages and avoid the necessity of having to unpack them later when I retrieve them. .

I've read on here somewhere that Mountain House says to use these meals within a week of opening them but I wonder how long others may have kept them repackaged? I will tell you I once thought I could keep a repackaged meal in my pantry for my next section-hike (6 months), and it was chicken alfredo (milk powder) and one night on the trail I consumed this meal with rain water collected off a shelter rool and in the middle of the night the gut banshee attacked me.

Long post.... but how long would you keep repackaged freezer dried meals?