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    Default Timing/pace question

    I'm trying to sketch out a tentative plan for the CDT and it comes out to about 5 months, does this sound right?
    NM: 7 weeks
    CO: 6 weeks
    WY: 3 weeks
    ID/MT (Yogi cutoff, -300 mi): 6 weeks

    I'm thinking in a low snow year, start CO on June 1, this would finish me up around Sept 13.

    People who've done it, do these times relative to one another seem right?

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    Here was my splits from Ď20
    Start May 30
    NM - 24 days (eased into mileage, took Gila)
    CO - 25 days (almost no snow, 100% CDT)
    Wy - 16 days
    ID/MT - 29 days (Took Anaconda but not Mackís inn)
    Total -94 including all (3) zeros and neros

    My gut feel is that CO will take you longer because you will likely have more snow than I had due to my late start. Also, the winds may be hard depending on route. So much depends on start date, route and conditions but it probably isnít a bad start.

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    Thanks, obviously for an 18 mpd hiker the times are longer, but I feel like the proportions are close. I wouldn't have thought CO was longer than NM, good stuff.

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