Got an opportunity to hike the Pinchot Trail last weekend. The trail was in good condition with only a few small areas overgrown approx 1 mile of trail from the Frank Gatz Trail north. The north trail had only three other people that I saw Friday night and at least 12-15 people on Saturday.

KTA had trail crews out clearing and trimming trail on both the north and south loops. The trail is all wooded with no on trail views but there is a 1 mile side trail that leads to Big Pine Hill which the map says has a photo point. I did not take the side trail. There was a nice waterfall, which was crowded, along Choke Creek. What I saw of it looked nice and had a few nice camping spots which were occupied.

The trail has some rocky sections but what PA trail doesn’t. There was little wildlife but I did encounter two grouse while hiking. There are a good amount of camping locations on the southern loop and not so many on the northern one. There did not seem to be many locations to camp if you are not staying at one of the sites identified on the map. A hammock user may have better options than a tent user.

Water was plentiful with numerous streams especially along the southern trail. A few places the trail marking can be a bit confusing or lacking which is especially true at the dirt road crossings.

After reading a number of trip reports and seeing issues with ticks, I was pleasantly surprised to not have seen one or had to remove one. I had also treated my clothes with permethrin but the bugs were only mildly annoying if that.

Overall it was a nice hike that I will go again later in the fall when it is a bit cooler and less humid.