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    Default Feb 1 Start NOBO

    Hey y'all! I'm pretty warm-blooded, how does my sleeping setup fare for a Feb 1 NOBO?

    • 10F Western Mountaineering Versalite
    • Sea-To-Summit Reactor Liner
    • Homeade Tyvek 1443r open-top bivy (I will be maybe using this in a tent, or to further protect my bag in lean-to's)
    • Therm-A-Rest NeoAir X-Therm 20"x72" taper.

    Thank you in advance!

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    Might plan on supplementing your bag by wearing clothing like hat, mittens, fleece, etc. on those really cold nights. I left around April 1 with a 30 degree bag and didn't die.

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    Lean-to's are much colder than a tent or bivy so make sure you are comfortable with set up and long nights in the bivy.

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    Left on Feb 20 with a 5 degree bag. Had more bag than I needed, but the cold weather did not come until after Hot Springs, when I had swapped out for my 20 degree bag. Have a plan to get into single digits and watch the weather. Don't be bashful about bailing for a night or two into town. It may seem like a big deal, but it is a long journey and being cold all night is no fun. Carrying a bunch of equipment for something that might happen for one night or two on the trail isn't always the answer. You can also pick up some warmth by sleeping in a couple additional layers of clothing. You will probably have a fleece and maybe a puffy as well.

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    Left Feb 18th with a WM 5 degree bag and several layers of fleece for sleeping. Coldest night was 7 degrees.

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    GA/NC in 2018 had some single digit nights mid to late march and some windy days that didn't get much above freezing, so you never know. I say better to be prepared but most people would rather save a few ounces. Some of my worst worst winter weather was the Roan Highlands in mid April with a cold rain that froze and snowed over night, well below freezing for 2 nights. I posted my gear list on here before hand and everybody said way too much, not necessary and in the end I was so glad I still brought everything and had every layer and piece of warm gear I brought... That's just me though, people were still starting their day in shorts on some of those wicked cold mornings.
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    Do you have the ability/time to do a 3-5 day hike on the AT in MD (or a similar trail) in December/January when a cold snap comes through? The best answer to your question is to test it out, though I think you are wise to solicit guidance from here. I think almost anyone can survive a night or two even if their gear isn't the best. It seems to me that it is the 3rd or 4th day in a row where it is frigid or raining where you find out what your gear and brain are capable of.

    Although, I also think Emerson Bigills has some great advice. A night or two off trail here and there to miss a big storm isn't a big deal if it enables you to summit Katahdin.

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    Left 1 feb
    Had a 0 deg bag.

    Had 3 nights below 0.
    Had at least 10 nights in single digits.
    Had at least 20 nights in the teens.
    Had 40 nights below 32.

    It was an unusually cold year. We had a snowstorm in the smokies that dropped 2 feet.

    Be prepared.
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