We leave Wednesday for a week of hiking on rough steep trails. One of my big toenails is black and purple. I don't want to think about what might be under it: dried blood, garden dirt/mulch, assorted fungi and microbugs. It is loose, but still attached along one side, along the base, and a small part of the other side. It's pretty sore today from a 7-mile dayhike, but I have time to recover. I'm worried that it will be VERY sore on our upcoming hike, and there won't be any recovery time until we head home. It's not ready to come off today, but it might while we're on the trail.

What besides the following should I have in my First Aid Kit to care for my toe if the nail comes off?
Nail clippers
Vaporub (for fungus)

Should I prioritize keeping the nail attached, to protect the toe? Or is it smarter to visit a clinic before I leave home and get the nail removed?

We will be slackpacking about half the time. On those days I'll have access to a car (and pharmacies, etc).