Given my current "postman" project I may be partial, but I think this will be fun to follow...

Well hell, I guess it's time for a big adventure. I've been mulling this one over for a few years. Here goes. Next Thursday (7/23) begins an attempt to complete all the trails in the Smoky Mountains (aka, Great Smoky Mountains National Park 900 Miler Club) in the Fastest Known Time (FKT). The current FKT is a smokin' 43 days laid down by Benny Braden. In accordance with the rules of the FKT organization (and because we have a friendship), I've discussed this with Benny, and he has been most gracious and very supportive of this attempt. A public announcement is also required...i.e., this FB post. No idea whether I can maintain the roughly 30+miles a day on some of the country's most rugged and hilly trails. So, I guess this will be an experiment of sorts for this aging body of mine. And, I know, July and August heat, really Jeff...what the hell are you thinking. I will definitely need massive luck, help from the local running/hiking community and much encouragement from family and friends. I will post regular updates. Also, daily status of the carnage can be found at
The Strava link will be the main method of recording my daily runs. While I have a Garmin InReach Mini, I have found that it isn't a reliable tool for recording routes in the heavy tree cover of the Great Smoky Mountains. Therefore I will be using my more reliable Suunto 9 Baro, and recording GPS results on both the Suunto website and Strava, and I will provide periodic updates on my Facebook page I will also be taking timestamped photos of trailhead signs for my records.