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    Thanks for explaining that. I had gotten to the backcountry option, but abandoned it when I’d need to fill in the group size. (Commitment is hard.)

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    Itís booked!!! Now I am nervous!!

    Iíll start at Sand Point Junction. I got sites at Au Stable, Beaver Creek, and Mosquito River.

    Iíll hike out to Sand Point for pick up by my wife.

    On the last night she is going to park at the parking near Chapel Beach and hike in to Mosquito Beach and meet me with my daughter. Then she will hike out the last day with me. She is a very experienced 12y/o hiker.

    Iíll prob have her bring my last days food to save me some weight.

    I am really excited an anxious. This is my first ďdestinationĒ type hike!

    If you guys have any tips or idea PLEASE share!!

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    I hope it’s nervous excitement and not apprehension. That wounds like a great trip, with beautiful sites. Each campsite has some really nice attributes.

    I likely already mentioned having breakfast on the front porch at the light house rather than at camp at Au Sable.

    Is your wife staying with you overnight at Mosquito? You might consider having your wife park at the east end of Miner’s Beach instead of at the Chapel trailhead. (Or the west end, OR Miner’s Castle parking—both would make a longer hike in, but it would be nice hiking.) From Miner’s beach, the two would go up the hill, and be on the rocks. For a ways, it’s just a walk in the woods, but then they’d be at the edge of the cliffs (safe) and would get the same type views you’d had on the cliff top sections. Instead of 2–ish miles in, I think it would be 3 from east Miner’s Beach, maybe 3.5. I forget the details, but it’s not much further, and it is much, much more spectacular. There’s a great spot, just off the trail, with a splendid view and loads of bunchberry plants, that would be a wonderful spot to stop for a snack. Don’t ask how I know this. After a bit on the top of the cliffs, they drop down, and work their way into the Mosquito area. The next day, you’d all go back that way, and be able to have another snack at the magnificent snack spot. For that matter, you could put packs in the car at that point, and hike the rest of the way with day packs.

    I envy you your trip. It’ll be beautiful and you’ll have fun.

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    She will only be hiking in to drop off our daughter. She will be leaving that day. She isnít much of a hiker. Lol.

    I could have her bring a day pack and pack out some small stuff from me; trash, one of my two water bottles... etc.

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    If she would like, check the mileage of doing the east end of Miner's Beach to Mosquito, it IS a much prettier hike. Otherwise, still trying to up the prettiness factor, take the side loop to Mosquito Falls. I think it adds a mile and a half. Just take the time there to stop and look. I've done it twice and the second time I found lots more cascades. She should also save plenty of time to just sit on the rocks at Mosquito, it's a beautiful place. Get water at the visitor center at Miner's Castle for the rest of your day.

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