A buddy of mine has an REI Half-Dome 2 Plus from the previous generation/design (tent is 5 yrs old). The poles' shock cord was lax, but neither of us could find replacement cord of the right diameter in person. I ended up just snugging up the cord since it still had a bit of stretch left. But when full replacement time comes, the right cord (probably 3/32" diameter) might have to be ordered online.

But I couldn't quite figure out how some of the poles' cordage fit in the hub end. They're not simply knotted and threaded through. Instead, a loop goes into them, and seems to hook around something recessed in there. A 90-sec REI video on a similar hub design (unsure what specific tent they're using in the video) sort of glossed over it, but at one point it seemed that the loop was pushed out through another pole entrance "port" in the hub. And maybe the interior clip will come with it? See attached picture. If anyone knows how this works, I'd appreciate it. Thanks!