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    Default Indian Mtn ATV trails tear right through north AL Pinhoti Section

    I just finished a full "leapfrog" hike of AL Pinhoti and had no idea that almost all the private property (owner Gerald Willis I think) above US 278 to where small Forever Wild tract is near GA line, has been developed as a playground for extreme to ordinary off road vehicles. He uses existing logging roads where they were but looks to me like new trails were cut, and still more cuts not yet trail ready, with no regard for erosion as these "red neck" types probably think the deeper the ruts and mud, the better! We can still be thankful he allowed the Pinhoti to go through first, but you won't see any wilderness in this section. Here is their website where you can see the trails overlaid on google earth, etc.

    I passed through Monday, Memorial Day, so there were plenty of riders out and if you didn't see them, you heard dozens. Going sobo, I first came to about a 3 acre clear cut area which is the 360 degree "overlook" at the spot of 1500 ft outcrop on Pinhoti pocket guide going up to flagpole mtn. They clearcut it and the orv people have turned it into a big bare spot of dirt and rocks. Talked with a group of 5 drivers and took photo at that spot (will post photo when i get free wifi). Going down from there i counted 7 more orv crossing, then at the 8th rd the Pinhoti follows and closely parrallels for 100 yards or so. Then Pinhoti leaves these trails for a while as you get to the Hawkins Hollow tent platform and shelter. So camping here is still quiet. But the as you go through the lower woods to Hurricane Crk you pass more trails and the worst is right on the south side of the footbridge. You literally step off the bridge into a muddy double rutted road.

    I thought I was through at that point headed up Davis Mtn but NO, this moutain side uses the existing logging roads for the "less extreme" vehicles to ride and they can drive right up to the Davis Mtn shelter. 4 of them came by to check the shelter out while I was sitting there for my 2nd lunch break.

    Don't worry about getting lost as they blazed all the crossings well for Pinhoti users, and for extroverts like me its fun to chat with all types of folks, but I sure hope our Pinhoti users will get fair treatment when this new $paying$ group of outdoorsmen changes the demands for this land and hiw the owner manages it.

    Which hiking group is actually the one that made the easement agreement that would know if anything is not as agreed upon?

    Again, I can post a few photos but will wait till i have wi-fi to upload.
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    Might have been better to attend the county meetings that approved this use of land. As long as its private property and they are operating within the bounds of their zoning and licensure, its going to continue. This type of activity is popular in the western states and seems to coexist with hiking and MTB trails. Talk to AHTS, see what their agreement is?
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    Which hiking group is actually the one that made the easement agreement that would know if anything is not as agreed upon?

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    The Coos trail in NH coexists with Ride the Wilds

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    the Cohos Trail has made huge efforts to remove sections from ATV paths and it really isn't that big of a percentage at all right now, with plans to remove more in the near future.
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    Please post pictures to:
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    Matt, I just posted 5 pictures to the FB group you mentioned, after I joined it. Are you the matt that started the Alatrails forum over 10 years ago? I never remembered his last name. This type forum is so much better organized than fb groups.

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