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    Default Tarp pole question, cant figure this out

    Hi tarp users, how do you keep the tarp tie-outs or the lines from sliding down the tip of your trekking poles?

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    Lots of different solutions depending on the pole tips or handle and depending on the tarp.

    I generally use my trekking poles handle down and just loop the guy line around the tip with a half-hitch or clove hitch so it doesn't slide down past the baskets or the ridges and rings that would hold the baskets if they were on. I've also seen people that use a washer over the tip of the pole that is big enough to go over the tip but not slide down the pole and have the guy line tied through the washer. If you were trying to put the pole into the tarp tie-out, you might be able to find a fender washer that the tip of the pole would fit into just right, but the outer dimension of the washer would be too large for the tarp tie-out to slip over.

    Good luck. Let us know how it goes.

    Have fun.
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