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    Post AT Planning, Resupply and POI Spreadsheet

    Hi, I am new here so hopefully this post is OK and in the right sub-forum. I am a 2019 thru-hiker and I have put together a Google spreadsheet with various information and tools that I hope will help make planning an Appalachian Trail thru-hike easier. There's a lot to it, so check it out for yourselves, but the key features include:

    • A customizable food resupply shopping list that will calculate things like: total and daily calories, calories by type of meal, estimated total food weight, and the percentages of carbs, fat and protein. You can specify the number of meals/days you need to resupply and your preferred number of calories and nutritional balance and see how your shopping list compares.
    • A fairly complete list of points of interest along the trail that can be filtered.
    • The ability to select mail drop locations from the POI sheet and automatically generate mailing list labels for them.
    • Some extra information that I found here and there during my research, some of which originated on WhiteBlaze.

    This is a project I started before my thru-hike last year but wasn't able to finish in time but I finally found some time recently. You may ask why do this at all when we already have AWOL and Guthook. I used both of those and would highly recommend them to anyone. My goal is not to replace those. But, for planning purposes, I feel like what I have put together can be of some value. Hopefully you all will agree but I'd love any feedback you have about it.

    It's a Google sheet so you can make a copy and use it online. Find it at:

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    Wow! You put a lot of work into this! I'm going to have a lot of fun with it, thanks!

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    Enjoyed viewing your planning & Thru-Hiking sheets. Can tell valuable time has been invested in this project and there is good info here. Formulas & layout are being skillfully used. Checking out the info in the food (nutrition) section can be a wakeup call.

    I decided to use Google Sheets after viewing the work of CarlZ993 on Whiteblaze, who consolidated hiking info in a smart way. Used his ideas to create a generic hiking sheet that was a great learning experience. Spreadsheets force one to ask what is important while hiking. My answer changes slightly every year. Nothing essential in any of this, but lots of fun.

    Looking forward to future posts.
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    Excellent work!

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    Thanks for the kind replies everyone.

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