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    We used car gas stoves for all our motorcycle trips for many years and my friend used the gas to prime the stove, which always produced a more or less huge flame at the start, and he got kicked out of a (managed) campingplace once for doing this.
    I always used alcohol to prime the stove and this kept the stove clean and worked as low-key as I love it to do.
    The Optimus had a built-in cleaning needle that worked when you turned the fuel control all the way open.

    I used Amoco (remember them?) lead-free, white gas in the stove. It worked just fine.

    I stopped at an Amoco station, handed the Aluminum, 1 Quart, fuel bottle to the attendant and told him to "Fill it up", (now this is really going to date me!), it cost $0.24 CENTS, to fill. I gave him a quarter and told him to "keep the change!"
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    I read this thread the other day and was surprised not to see anyone mention using alcohol to prime a white gas stove to save fuel and reduce carbon and yucky smell output. This video demonstrates the entire process.

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