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    I don't know if anyone else said this: You said leaded gas. THAT IS A DEFINATE NO NO!!!! You do not wnat to be breathing in the fumes since lead will do a job on you!!!!!

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    Kind of a major non issue since leaded gas has not been legal for automotive fuel since 1996 in the US. Some aviation gas still uses it but its expensive and would not be readily available along trails.

    Gas containing ethanol may not any have additional particular toxicity but it degrades quickly and gums up anything its left in. I would guess unless someone takes the stove apart after each use its really poor idea to use it.

    Ethanol free is available in some areas and I use it on my outdoor power equipment and vehicles that are parked for long periods.

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    Quote Originally Posted by HooKooDooKu View Post
    Are you sure about that?...
    Specifically from a safety point of view.
    Sure, gasoline will burn, but these types of stoves are generally designed to burn alcohol, which is a lot less volatile than gasoline.
    I mentioned "difficulties in handling it"

    Fancee Feest stove will burn gasoline. I never recommend it because of the smell and difficulties in handling it. Use no more than 1 ounce fuel
    The Fancee Feest has a very durable "Stainless Steel" pot support.

    Specifically from a safety point of view.
    The OP wants to use gasoline as his fuel. Safety in handling is necessary and in priming a stove of the types mentioned.

    1/2 ounce of gasoline in the FF will surely boil 2 cups with vigor :-)

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