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I'm talking about your battery bank. How is your Anker 6700 so light? You claimed the whole setup (solar panel, battery bank, and cable) weigh 6.5oz. My 3400mah battery bank weighs 3oz alone. My solar panel (the exact same as yours) weighs 79 grams. A usb cable is typically half and ounce. Your battery bank really weighs 3oz for a 6700?
Yikes! My bad, I'd like to call it a "typo", but it's more like a "brain-O", just some bad math, the total is 7.5, 2.8 for panel, 4.2 for 6700 BP, 0.5 for cord, except now I have a 0.4 oz cord, so 7.4 oz total.

Sorry 'bout that! I thought 2.8 + 4.2 = 6, doesn't it????