I have several possibilities. Hike from first week of March for two weeks then come home for some events the third week of March then return to the trail last week of Mach for the remainder of a through or lengthy section. Or just wait until my commitments for March are over and hit the trail near the end of March.

So, I'd love to find someone to pair up with for two weeks in the beginning of March from Springer although I am open to a two week hike on any section, do not mind winter as long as it is not in deep snow. I'm not in shape for that. Or, looking for someone who wants to start end of March and see how far we make it, either from Springer or a flip flop from further on up the trail.

I'm not in shape at all. I'm fast approaching 54 and have had an extremely stressful past two years which has resulted in loss of focus on keeping healthy, so I am overweight and out of shape and with bad knees but have years of hiking experience and have a somewhat decent idea of what I can handle even when out of shape, as long as I do not hurt myself. It will be a very slow start.Lots of smelling the roses... I'll start walking soon to prepare but the bulk of whatever fitness I can attain will be on the trail. It's best if you are in the same shape as me and with some experience.

I am a left leaning, liberal hippie from the northeast - do what you will with that as to whether you think we would be a good match for hiking together. My email is [email protected].