I met a guy once, more than one really.
Good guys the lot of them.
However they once told me, I (we) would be the next generation of the trail. I didn't know that day was so soon. I came here (the trail) to learn, breathe, enjoy, live. But through these men and women I've learned more then I ever thought I would. I learned to serve more than you take. To give entirely with hope, not desire. To generally care for one another.
We are a community, and a family.
If you're sad or upset, if you're down And don't feel like you can talk to anyone else call someone, Trail family, call a hiker, call a friend, hell call me. The R.I.P.s don't get the point across, about how much we love you... I'd rather drink with you then about you. Call a friend.

I love you all.