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    Took my kids to Washington Monument State Park yesterday to get out of the city for a spell. As we were heading out we passed a SOBO guy, who said heíd been out for 90 days, and was heading off trail to celebrate his 25th wedding anniversary in NC. Major props to that bearded guy! Was a little surprised to see a SoBo but then remember itís when that happens! Stoked and maybe one day Iíll follow suit! For what itís worth, we made it the half mile up to the monument, caught a great view, chatted up the two or three groups of hikers, headed north a half mile or so to the power line cuts, before retreating to the playground. Stopped by South Mountain Creamery on our way out because why not? Anyways to all you SOBO hikers, HAPPY TRAILS

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    Sounds like a great outing. I live an hour west from there and thought about popping down for an overnight trip to see if I could meet a few thrus and share a few stories.

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    If you could find the Washington Rocks! geocache, you are better than me. Spent hours looking one day.

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