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    I was doing the section from Devil's Postpile to Thousand Island Lake at the end of July and it was truly miserable. The mosquito situation was the worst I have ever seen. EVER! Mad props to the dudes who handed off their mosquito nets as we were heading in and they were heading out or it would have been even more horrible. I'm heading back up there soon and hoping the bugs have moved on. Anyone been in that section recently? Can you make me feel better by telling me they are full up on hikers?

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    I can't speak for this year, but in early Sept 2017 I still got ate up at Garnett Lake, which is right by Thousand Island. That was when "the bug situation was improving".
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    I was on the southern half trail from Aug 3 and exited at reds on Aug 16th. I didn't think the mosquitoes were bad at all. I had to use my bug net a handful of times. I carried Deet, but didn't ever have to use any. They were worse in wet areas as you would expect. I adjusted some of my camping spots to be a short distance from lakes if I heard they were bad in the area. My clothing was treated with permetherin before going, so I expect that helped quite a bit.


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    I just spent a week out in the high Sierra and the bugs were bad at dusk. I never got bitten just annoyed.

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    I was on the JMT from August 16-22 and did roughly the southern half of the trail. Mosquito issues are, like many things, quite subjective. I was bothered by them at certain places but never when actually walking. But there were people hiking in head nets. At camp, I was bothered by them most evenings despite selecting campsites carefully. The one exception was (weirdly) at Rae Lakes where I didn’t see any. I used a little DEET but didn’t use my head net (I hate wearing one). I did wear my rain jacket at camp (they can bite through my shirt but not my rain jacket) and kept my Sunrunner cap on. This made things tolerable to where I only retreated into my tent a couple time.

    The JMT was the warmest I recall ever, with night temps especially high. I was way too warm in my 10F zPacks quilt. I should have taken my 30F EE quilt instead.

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