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Thread: Back on WB!

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    Default Back on WB!

    Back after a long hiatus.
    I'm planning a NJ section from DWG NOBO to the NY line in early September. Is Newark the best place to fly into/ out of?

    If so, what are the shuttle prospects from Newark to DWG, & from the NY line back to Newark?

    If not, recommendations??

    Thanks for the info in advance


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    There's a commuter bus to the DWG from the Port Authority in NYC and is the only way I know of to get to the DWG by public transportation. How to get to the Port Authority from the Newark airport is something you'd have to figure out. Not sure if flying into NYC would be any easier. There are a couple of commuter train options back to NYC city from near the NJ/NY line but you'll have to go a ways into NY to find them.
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    We did that same section, but SOBO. Allegiant Air has VERY attractive fares from my airport to Newark - less than $100 each. If Allegiant serves an airport near you, at the very least check them out.
    From Newark airport, we took a train to get out of town, then our shuttler picked us up from a train station.
    From DWG we hired a shuttler to take us back towards town, but I don't remember if he took us the whole way, or just back to the train.
    It seems like the people who shuttle for hikers don't really want to go into the big city (can't say I blame them) so public transit seems to be part of the equation. If you're unfamiliar with the NY/NJ transit system, I recommend you spend time on their website, and maybe get your shuttler to help you figure it out. The transit workers were very good at helping us get where we needed to go - just budget a little extra time so you don't miss connections while you're asking questions.

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    Last year I flew into Allentown, PA and was picked up by shuttle driver John Stempa. He took me to Wind Gap, which is just 15 miles south of Delaware Water Gap. I flew in on Allegiant, which had a really cheap air fare. If you are inclined to add 15 miles to your hike, this may be an alternative to flying into Newark and then you can avoid the city and public transportation.

    BTW, I'm sure John would take you all the way to DWG if you did not want to start at Wind Gap. It will just cost you more money.
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    If you have the time (29 hours) another option is Amtrak.
    An upside is you did not need to worry about TSA and what you can/can not take on a plane with your gear/fuel. Also you can keep your pack with you 100% of the time and not worry about lost/misplaced luggage.
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    Oops....wrong Lazarus....never mind.
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    ...8 ways to get from Newark Airport (EWR) to Port Authority Bus Terminal by bus, train, tram, taxi, car and shuttle. We recommend taking the bus from Newark Airport to New York, which takes around 30m.....

    Check out the site for other options.
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