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    Default Grafton Notch to Shelburne NH

    Is NB easier than SB for this section?


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    Toss a coin. Both ways are hard. Going up Old Spec is hard on the lungs, but going down it is hard on the knees.

    The only section I thought was marginally easier going SOBO was the Mahoosic notch boulder scramble.
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    IMHO, northbound is a bit easier as the stretch from Hogan road to the base of Mt Success is "easier" than the second stretch. Nice way to build up your trail legs a bit as long as your resist the temptation on the first day to put in too many miles. The Centennial trail from Hogan Road to the Mahoosuc trail and the short section down to the base of Cascade MTN is well built and reasonably graded trail. Do not in any way shape or form assume its representative of the rest of the Mahoosuc trail section. Realistically there is no other section of the Mahoosuc trail anywhere near as smooth. SOBO from Grafton Notch is straight up from the highway to the highest point on the trip. Day two is a steep drop down Mahoosuc Arm, then the infamous notch (which is fun for me ) and then a steep climb up to Full Goose. I prefer downclimbing places like the Notch so its a coin toss.

    The other thing with a north bound is the early bail options are better. Most hikers do not plan on bailing but some end up doing so and its heck of lot easier to walk out to North Road in Shelburne than out to Success Pond road and wait a real long time to catch a ride into Berlin. FYI, bailing down the Wright Trail is even worse than Success Pond road unless you get lucky. The trailhead is on a dead end logging road several miles from the nearest home. Success Pond road does have camp owners driving by occasionally. Success Pond Road and Bull Branch road (Wright trail) have zero cell coverage down low.

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