Discovering hidden scenic beaches in Asturias | Camino del Norte from Luarca to Playa de Otur - Day 26

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On the Day 26 of our Camino de Santiago del Norte we got from the town of Luarca to Playa de Otur in Asturias.

We ended up liking the camping Los Cantiles quite a lot when in the morning we had time to explore it. It was very spacious green space with lots of different spots to camp and the proximity of the ocean and incredible views from it - make it a special place.So we walked out of the camping and headed straight to the lighthouse to get a closer view of it. The lighthouse itself was nothing special but the white chapel at the side of it was standing out. Town was located in the couloir between hills on different levels. So we got that it was an actual fishing village because of the amount of boats parked in the port. Then we went up to the Ermita on the other side of the town and continued walking along the coast...