I'm no dog owner, nor intend to become one.
But I'm curious if there would have been any help for a near-incident I saw during the last weekend hike.

We hiked over our local highest mountain, which is basically a huge Karst plateau with peaks up into the 10,000ft range.
Karst means, zero soil and vegetation and extremely rough tread, pointy and sharp edged stones and rocks for miles. Some patches of snow still present (and some glacier in the higher areas).
We met a Tourist couple which had their dog with them.
The dog had taped paws and was bleeding on all four.
They had still many hours to go for the next alpine hut, and another half-day to hike down to the vally.

The dog didn't look unhappy, but I pitied him and asked the guy if I could help them, if he maybe needed some more tape?
He said no, looked somewhat unhappy and uncertain, but they headed on anyway.

So now my question is, would there have been any way to help them?
Tape or some makeshift booties?