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    Default NOBO from Delaware Water Gap

    There is no doubt that if I was better at searching the forum the info I seek is already here,but I give up easy when I know folks here are so helpful. So here goes-my son and I have walked from Springer to DWG in two hikes,looking to finish with one more. Thinking of a late April start from Delaware Water Gap to fit his work schedule. Are there any serious water,temp or bug issues,or any other things that I need to consider? I hope to hear any pros or cons to this hike at this time of year. Thanks in advance for your thoughts.

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    Hi there,

    First, best of luck with you planning and your hike!! That's an awesome way to do the trail, in such large chunks.

    There are plenty of threads to read, but here's one take on it:

    You might be setting yourself up for some difficult mud issues in VT and bug issues in Maine. You've got a roughly 900-mile hike ahead of you, and if you start on April 20th, and average 12 miles per day, you'll finish right around July 4th.

    That'll have you entering Vermont in mid-May (300 miles from DWG); and entering Maine mid-June (just over 600 miles from DWG)

    DWG - milepost 1,284
    Katahdin Summit - milepost 2,190
    That leaves 906 miles to hike.

    12 miles a day is quite variable and just a guess. Depends on hiking pace, zero days, days away from the trail (stop-off to visit NY or a friend or whatever....), etc... Also, CT and Mass. are much faster hiking than NH/southern Maine.

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    Thanks,bugs were exactly what I was wondering about. Might stall a couple of weeks to give Vermont a chance to dry up a little. Thanks again for your response!

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    I'm sure there are local New England hikers with a lot more experience.
    But, Yes, it seems like you're pretty close to avoiding Vermont mud season. Maybe pushing back a couple weeks would do it.
    Also, consider how fast you plan to hike. Maybe you won't hit those areas as fast as above (based on 12 miles/day overall avg.)
    Of course, it also depends on conditions each year. Temps/snow melt/rain are all factors.

    These two threads have some pieces of info. that should be helpful:

    These two websites have good info. on mud season in Vermont:

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    I wouldn't start until mid to late May.
    The AT - It has it's ups and downs...

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    Instead of beginning later, you might consider a slower pace if getting to the Bennington area too early is a problem. DWG itself disinteresting, and there are endless spots before MUDmont if you care to give them time. You have chosen your beginning date well. After that, it is just up to the elements.
    You never know just what you can do until you realize you absolutely have to do it.

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    Thanks all,for the input and links.

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    Just another data point, we just hiked north from DWG about mid-May, seemed like perfect timing for a lot of reasons. Late April might be problematic as you get further north, as has been said. I would delay until early/mid May if possible, if not, just go for it and deal with the conditions.

    On my first AT hike, it was very early May when I hiked through DWG, meaning I hit VT before it is recommended to hike there, but just barely before and the conditions were very dry that year (2014), so no problem. I was ready to pull off the trail if conditions were soggy, but they weren't.

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    I think we will try to push back a little to May.I am lucky,self employed,so just need to hire someone to do my job. Timing depends on my son's employer. I do appreciate the input from all,thanks again.

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