Hi everyone!
At long last, after years away from the trail, I'm planning on getting back to it, except in my own country this time, mostly for logistics.
I figure I'll be doing the NB section first (secured a really cheap way of getting there) since it seems low difficulty (gotta work up to being able to do the tough QC sections) and does not require reservations or anything. I was definitely bummed out that you have to reserve each night on the QC portion, so I'm leaving that for later. I think the most brutal part is Parc National de la Gaspésie, where each night costs more and you also have to pay the park, but it's a good long while before getting there, and if I have to stop for whatever reason, I won't be getting wrecked by the reservations.
I'm a bit torn regarding the road-walking aspect of the NB section, though. Easy to start is good for me, but not if the road-walking is so bad that I don't make the 275 km to Matapédia, and instead choose to shuttle there at some point.
I was hoping for some input from people who've done either of these provinces on the IAT!
The plan was initially to jump on the QC portion in late July or early August, but now it seems like I'm headed for NB on July 4th.
Will appreciate any comments you might have! Thank you
-Raging Moose