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    Default New section of Pinhoti Trail opens south of Cave Spring

    Basically they eliminated some logging road parts and added more trail.

    While it's nice they've added more trail and less logging roads, I (and I imagine most users) didn't mind the logging roads too much. It's the highway road walks North of there that really need re-routing.
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    here you. It's coming Slugg. The logging gravel road walk wasn't the worst gravel logging road walk. ST is usually better though.

    “We’re still working on our connection from Cave Spring to the Silver Comet Trail, and we’re making headway. It just takes time,” Lindsey said. “The connection of the Pinhoti Trail has turned out to be a blessing for Cave Spring because we have lots and lots of tourists coming into the community.”

    He said he believes the city can complete a connection from Rolater Park in Cave Spring to where the trail hits the Cedartown Highway within 24 months.

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