In what was most likely WhiteBlaze's longest running thread, the disappearance of Gerry Largay, aka Inchworm, while she was hiking the AT in 2013, kept all of us glued to our computers in hopes of a happy ending, or at least some new news. We didn't know if she got lost, injured, if it was foul play, or any of the other speculations about what might have happened to her.

Unfortunately that didn't turn out to be the case and Inchworm and even after Maine Search and Rescue's largest search in history, she was not found. It wasn't until a surveyor found her remains a couple of years later, that we discovered the truth.

Her journal included a note starting, "When you find my body" written to whomever might eventually find her.

A book, out today, "When You Find My Body" by Dee Dauphine is a detailed account of what happened and the search for Inchworm, and the author's hope is that we hikers learn more woodscraft before entering the woods.

As someone involved in the story, Dee sent me an early review copy. I am happy that he wrote a sensitive portrayal and reported on the facts, with background, in an interesting yet not sensational way. I learned a lot that, as close as I was to the situation, did not know. I recommend it.

You can find the book wherever books are sold. Here's the Amazon link: