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    Default Uber near Scissors Crossings, etc.?

    Hey in a pinch can I count on catching Ubers (or Lyfts) on the first 150 miles of the PCT (Campo to Idyllwild environs) from highway crossings like Scissors eg to gas stations and back for water?

    Anyone? Please advise... I've been trying to hike this section for five years. Leaving late August for San Jacinto.


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    Hitching at Scissors Crossing is a pretty sure bet.

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    If you are talking about hiking from Campo To San Jacinto in August, I would ask you reconsider. The only way I'd consider hiking it then would be hiking at night for most of it. Then there is the lack of water. Many of the natural water sources used by hikers are likely to have dried up and the caches are not going to be stocked as no one hikes then so you'd have to carry 2 gallons or possibly more. As someone who lives in SoCal, at that time of the year, there are limited local areas that I go hiking in and they are all high elevation in the mountains or near the ocean. Temperatures are likely to be over 100F that time of the year for much of the PCT section you are talking about with the exception of Mt. Laguna and the San Jacintos.

    I never tried using Uber/Lyft through there, but given the remoteness of much of the trail through there, I'd suggest there are only limited places you might find service and the only places hitch hiking is likely to work is along the numbered highways.

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