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    Default Shuttle recommendation around Neel Gap

    I am a scoutmaster taking a crew of 8 boys and 2 adults from Springer Mtn to Neel Gap in mid-may. Looking for shuttle service, I've got the guide books and websites but am looking for first hand experiences. We are wanting to drive in to Neel, shuttle to FS42 and backtrack the 1 mile to Springer on our travel day, planning to be at Neel Gap by 3pm on our travel day. We would hike out to our bus at Neel Gap or if time permits go on up to Hogpen. Advice or Suggestions?

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    It might be easier to find a shuttle for one driver--first drop your boys and 1 adult at FS42, then have the other adult drive the bus to Neels Gap and have a shuttle driver taken the one adult back to FS42. Most of the shuttle drivers I have seen do not have the vehicle for that many people. Good luck.

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    The only shuttle I know of that can handle 10 is Appalachian Adventure Company. No personal experience however.

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    Try Suchas. He may have something or can find something big enough

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