I picked this up used (although original owner and I have never spent a night in it - both only set up in our yards). I decided I prefer the solplex, so will be sticking with that. The original owner did accidentally puncture the DCF right by one of the trekking pole cups near the apex of the tent. The puncture was about the size of a dime, and I've repaired it by using DCF tape on both sides of the hole. Other than that, the tent is in pristine condition, save for dirt on the included 3 carbon fiber tent stakes. I only received 3 stakes from original owner and have not replaced the missing one I can probably dig up a random aluminum stake from my stash to send along if desired.

All in all, tent is in excellent condition with the small repair and one missing stake.

You'll get the tent (this is the mesh inner with DCF floor, btw), 3 stakes, stuff sack for the tent, sack for the stakes, original set up instructions, and some dyneema repair tape.

Per Tarptent specs... Fly/tent body = 18.7oz, stakes = 1.2oz (though I suppose it'll only be 0.9oz with the one missing!)

Given that the tent was $600 new, and that the tent does have the small repair and one missing stake, I'm asking $465 including shipping. Payment via paypal (f/f or 3%) venmo, or zelle all work for me for payment.

Let me know if you're interested but want pictures, please PM me your email address - I tried uploading an album on imagur, but for some reason only one photo is showing up for folks despite multiple efforts.