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    Has anyone done the Fires Creek Rim Trail recently?

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    3 day/2 night:
    Savage Gulf/South Cumberland State Park
    -in, Savage Falls TH
    -Savage Day Loop to North Rim
    -North Rim to Connector
    -Connector to Collins Gulf
    -Collins Gulf to Collins Rim(also marked as CG/Collins Gulf on current map)
    -Collins Gulf to South Rim
    -South Rim to Savage Day Loop, out
    Right around 30 miles total.

    Fiery Gizzard in/out to Foster Falls. Not sure on the exact mileage after a reroute, but 13+ one way, 26+ total.

    Long overnight, or 3 day/2 night:
    South Cheaha/Skyway Loop + Cave Creek Loop as a figure 8.
    Since it's a figure 8, it can be done a number of ways, but to get the roughest stuff out of the way first and end with several miles of overall downhill...-in, Cheaha TH
    -Pinhoti to Skyway
    -Skyway to Chinnabee Silent(there's also a loop around Lake Chinnabee)
    -Chinnabee to Nubbin Creek
    -Nubbin Creek to Cave Creek
    -out, Cave Creek to Cheah TH
    ~31-34 miles depending on if you do the Lake Trail between Skyway and Chinnabee and/or visit McDill Point off the Pinhoti

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