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    Default Rock n' Sole hostel - Closed?

    I'm about to head out to section PA in a couple of weeks and it seems the Rock n' Sole hostel is not open this year.

    Their web page disappeared, their Facebook page is gone and don't see them listed in the Guide, so I guess their gone for good.

    That's a bummer, I was looking forward to staying there again. I was one of their first visitors when they opened a couple of years ago. Wonder what happened?

    I guess I'll just be staying at the Doyle and Bert's Restaurant this trip.
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    Yep....Craig and Jody are taking some time off this year...hopefully not for good.

    They along with Bearded Woods had some troublemakers last season and after awhile its not worth the aggravation. Hudson and Lu are opening May 1st but according to The AT Guide, beginning June 1st Hudson and Lu will only host hikers on the weekends.
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    I stayed with Craig and Jody their first year also. I drove up one evening, early the next morning he followed me down to the Port Clinton parking area, where I dropped my car, and then shuttled me up to Delaware Water Gap from where I hiked back down to Port Clinton. I very, very much enjoyed my time with there and shootin' the breeze with Craig, and learning about the area on the drive. Sad to see them stopping, and hope it's not permanent.


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    What a shame. That hostel had a great reputation and was perfectly placed in PA.

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    Craig here, closed for 2019 for sure. 2/3 of our children are working full time now and we both took good PT jobs, so peace and quiet is prevailing and I think I may want it to stay that way permanently. Our friend Jeff mentioned it above, it only takes a handful to ruin it for everyone else, and they did in 2018...
    If we start back up say in 2020, we are planning more of a luxury rental for hikers in the bunkhouse and vintage camper, and will reopen the Guthook and Facebook sites (they are on there, just darkened out at moment) and they will link a guest to AirBnB, or VRBO, and it will be at a new higher price point and we will cater to far less guests per day. Jury is still out on the decision.

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    Prefer the 'chink' to the stink huh?
    Sorry your place was's always the few, thankfully!
    Best of luck in the future!

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