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Thread: mcD on trail?

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    When I was a kid my Dad would drive us to Carolís (An early days McDonaldís competitor)or McDonaldís in Syracuse ny. I think it was a specials day, maybe ga kids day, but I am sure hamburgers were 10 cents, cheeseburger 15 cents. We four kids would split a large fries. It was a fun outing and Mom had an evening off cooking. We also would pack into the old station wagon and watch a drive in movie on a special night, mom filled a cooler with sandwiches and milk. Good times ! Yeah, Iím old. But McDonaldís is a bit of nostalgia for me. Would definitely hit one if on trail if I walked by it! Great nutrition, of course not. Option for free Wifi, clean toilet, cheep food.. yup. Hiker friendly... usually.

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    Not many McDonalds near the trail in Maine. I think Gorham NH is the first one in trail town. There are McDonalds in many of the towns along RT2 but they are long hitch.

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    I ran into a pair of slack packers somewhere in NC who packed 25 basic McD hamburgers for the hike and passed them out along the way. I meet them at the end of the day and they still had a couple left, so I took them. They were still eatable. Mostly.
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    If you are planning to use Mc. D for off trail food it's probably not a wise choice. Some are near a town trail crossings, but most are quite a hike away.

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    so this has to go with this thread
    I'm love'n it. I think when I was packing burgers they were .89 for a burger and .99 for a cheese burger. The new dollar menu stuff is a pretty good deal now.

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