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    My guess is 16 miles from the closest power grid (and town) via mostly private dirt logging roads that are a lot less maintained when they were 20 years ago. A swag would be an hour round trip to town is probably a minimum, add in another 20 minutes round trip to the nearest small grocery store in Millinocket.

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    I stayed there in July 2017. Beautiful, but remote, spot on a large lake and the boat ride across the lake to the site was pure Maine. I was the only one in the bunkhouse that night so it was quiet. Did laundry down by the lake, showered up and relaxed. I had the pizza for dinner and couldn't finish it, but had already ordered a cheeseburger to go for the next day. I had the pizza for lunch and ate the cheeseburger for dinner while sitting on a rock along the shore of Rainbow Lake, my next to last night on the trail. I still recall sitting on that rock watching a storm move toward us, thinking about how my hike was almost over. As much as I was ready to go home and enjoy some creature comforts, I knew I was going to miss the trail in that moment.

    Eating at the Landing isn't cheap, but considering I bought a meal to go, it wasn't that much more than my town/hostel stays in the Northeast. Good people and consistent with the AT, they had some interesting stories to tell about the property. It was a nice bit of comfort in the Hundred Mile Wilderness.

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