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    I am planning a trip for this week with my son. Mileage would be about perfect if I could end at cr24 just past morgan lake. is there any parking near there or should I rely on a shuttle? or something else?

    thanks for any help

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    Try asking Facebook group Backpacking Alabama.

    I don't remember any extra room to park there, and no houses very close. In general, if you are only doing a day hike, it's probably OK to leave a car near the crossing on a wide shoulder even if no designated parking. If it's there overnight, I'd look for a nearby house and ask if you can leave it there. I have left a food bag at the house nearest to the 431 crossing after asking. If all else fails, zoom in on Google earth or maps sat view.
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    thank you!

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    Looking on Google Maps, there is a gravel parking area/boat launch near Chocolocco Lake 11. It's maybe a mile at most from the CR24 crossing it looks like.
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    I've left a car at CR24 overnight many times with no problems. There is relatively safe parking on the shoulders of both sides of the road. ALDOT has even put in a new flashing light (think it is for the blind corner). If looking for a shuttle search this subforum for Dan - excellent shuttler in the area when he isn't busy.

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