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    Default 2019 NX Solo Vs 2008 MSR Hubba And The 2017 NX Solo

    I thru-hiked the AT in '08 using the MSR Hubba and found it to be the perfect tent for me. In 2017, I hiked from Springer to mile 289.7 using the NX Solo and I found it inferior to the Hubba. Not only was it far less durable and "waterproof", I didn't like the rainfly design which I found less than intuitive. My 1st prerequisite for a tent is it must be 100% free-standing. I tried the Nemo Hornet but quickly learned how much I like a fully freestanding tent.

    EDIT: 3/3/19
    A beauty of the Hubba was the symmetry of the design and the reversibility of the tent. I could set up the tent where I wanted the opening and not have to worry about it, then throw the rainfly on top. My concern would be the slope I was sleeping on. I didn't like the slope, I reversed my body. This isn't possible with the 2017 tent. The Hubba had the zipper in the middle of the vestibule which allowed for opening in either direction. Sometimes that one sided opening dictates how you position your tent.

    My question is: How superior is the 2019 NX Solo compared to its' predecessor and how does the newest version compare to the original MSR Hubba?
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