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    I love well behaved dogs. But what does well behaved mean to you?
    To me, a dog does not approach me unless I invite it. I, in return, do not pet an unknown animal without asking the owner's permission.
    I don't want a dog "begging" while I am eating or nosing through my gear. Never mind whizzing on my tent/stuff or pooping on the trail.
    Teach your dog to go when you walk off trail to do your own thing or learn his/her rhythms so you can take the dog off trail for pooping.
    I can't stand the trails here where people literally let their pets step off the trail to poop (right next to the trail!) and think they don't need to clean it up but I have to step over/around it!
    A dog should not jump on you or "lean" on you too much (usually done out of insecurity, not talking about "the tired lean.").
    And your dog should be leashed.

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    I have seen one very well trained dog and a few other attentive owners. But, most are lacking in one way or the other. I would suggest if your dog is well behaved people will be good with it being around. For instance if you tell it to sit in the corner will it listen. when hiking on the trail can you call it back to you or will it run at other hikers, And the truly nice owners will have there dog stop and lay next to the trail as another hiker passes. If your dog can do things like this on your command the I think it likely well behaved.

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