I'm gonna try out using a bounce box on the PCT so I can have different layers I can swap out too for different sections of the trail. I also am going to put some stuff in it like fresh socks, new opsaks, some gear repair items, permethrin spray on, etc.

Here's the list of clothing I already own, and I'm still considering what I want to start with. My shelter system is a superlight bivy w/ a Zpacks 7x9 .51 tarp and currently a ZPacks 10* Bag that weighs 24ounces. I'm interested in lightening up the quilt a little. Something in the 19-21 ounce range seems ideal.

However, this is the hiking clothing I already own. It's all pretty good stuff. Curious as to what other hikers would choose from this list for a nobo start in Mid March. Furthermore, what would you put in the bounce box and why? Trying to understand experienced PCT'rs mindsets. I'm still torn on whether or not to hike in pants or shorts. I'm worried the sun will destroy my pale irish legs. I also have a little money to spend on new clothes, so feel free to suggest any alternatives.

My quiver of clothes!

For Rain Gear

  • Frogg Toggs UL Jacket
  • MLD Event Mitts
  • MLD DCF Skirt

For Wind Gear:

  • Montbell Tachyon Parka
  • Montbell Dynamo Pants
  • Montbell UL Shell Mitts

For Puffys:

  • EE Torrid Parka
  • Thinking of a down garment (ex-light perhaps?)

For Hats/Head:

  • OR Sun Sun Runner Cap w/ shade thing
  • Grid Fleece Beanie
  • Black Rock Down Beanie
  • OR Synthetic Buff
  • Bandana

For Gloves:

  • OR Sun Gloves
  • Montbell Chameece Liners

For Socks:

  • DT Hikers
  • Possumdown from Zpacks
  • Sealskins H20 Proof
  • Dirty Girl Gaiters
  • *I'd like to try hiking in thin wool socks like the REI wool liners or the Injini Nuwool Liners. By themselves. Anyone done this?

For Bottom Baselayers:

  • Minus 33 Merino Underwear
  • Patagonia Lightweight Capilene
  • Minus33 Midweights Merino

For Bottoms:

  • Columbia Backcast Convertibles
  • RR Ecomesh Pants
  • Running Shorts (I would need a new pair, any suggestions?)

For Tops:

  • Columbia Featherweight Button up
  • Columbia Silver Ridge Light button up
  • KUHL airspeed button up (from AT, kinda heavy and gross)

Things im considering buying that i dont have:

  • Some sort of lightweight fleece top (see sun hoody)
  • A sun hoody (Is a 6oz sun hoody a good sleep/active layer?, how would it fit into a layering system?)
  • A down puffy

What would you start the trail with? What would you have in your bounce box? I'm thinking it makes sense to pick some things up specifically for the Sierras, then dropping it, and then grabbing some stuff for Washington.

I saw some hikers using a sun hoody with a short sleeve button up over it. Then paired that with a puffy. Kinda intrigued by it.