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    Default Triple Crown Shuttle (going rate vs Uber?)

    Anyone have knowledge of the cost it takes to shuttle between US220 from Dragons Tooth parking? I know what Uber is quoting but curious how competitive it is. Kinda prefer a bona fide shuttler but enjoy the anonymity of das Uber

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    $20. Just did this trip.

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    Who’d ya use? What day of the week? That’s cheap! Thanks for the info

    Quote Originally Posted by swatsullivan View Post
    $20. Just did this trip.

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    I used my first uber while in Hanover, NH last September. I used it to get from Hanover to the hotel 1 town over. The quickness and ease of use is what encouraged me to only use UBER for my completion of PA. It worked without a hitch. I think uber on average will be cheaper
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    I used uber to get Mings garden from Stanimals lol. When ya just dont want to walk...

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