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    Default Little update...

    Alright so last year I made a gofundme and posted here.
    It's was really of bad taste since it was my very first post on this forum, this is my second btw lol.
    anyway i didnt realize it got to over 90 reply until now.
    I didnt recieve a donation and actually deleted the gofundme couple days later because of some negative comments, which was not entirely false.

    anyway I did go out there and hiked half of the trail. Got to harpers ferry and called it quit, after about a little less than 3 months of hiking.
    I had almost no training and I was amazed how fast i got into the rhythm. Lost 25 pounds and could go up the mountains non stop.
    I had some pain in my feet tho, I had to stop every hour and massage my feet, was kinda killing me but wasnt the main reason i stop.
    I stop cause I got kinda bored and I didnt really find a group of people that I would hike with full time.
    Anyway, had an amazing time, Im proud I hiked half of it and Ill be going out there in 2020 or 2021 to finish my "thru hike".

    gl to everyone going out there this year!
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    Yeah, bad first step. No big deal. Good that you can dust yourself off.

    Lots of people get bored with hiking after many weeks. Probably the biggest reason people quit thru-hikes (even though other reasons are offered up). It just stops being fun.

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