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    Default foothills trail out and back, 3-4 nights

    Which end?

    I have basically a long weekend available in April, thinking of doing something on the foothills trail.
    I have thursday - Sunday open, so 3 nights, but might tack on another day or two if I find a reason. I have a roughly 6.5 to 7 hour drive each way on the first and last day so that eats up so much, but it is what it is....

    I don't really want to do the shuttle thing if I can help it, and I'd rather have a loop hike so I'm not repeating trail, but Foothills seems about the closest thing to me that's kinda like mountains...without getting into the AT bubble in GA.

    Which end would you do, given 3 or maybe 4 nights on trail?

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    Use the Bartram, FHT, Chatooga River Tr, and a hitch to close the loop. A loop can also be had by using the FHT spurs of the Fork Mt trail to the Chattooga River Tr to the East Fork Tr and back on the FHT. That can be about a 23 mile or so 3 day'er. The loop can be wider incorporating the FHT connecting at Burrels Ford. Plenty of lollipops and dumbbells too.

    If you're driving 7 hrs each way from FL drive over to Caesars Head SP and do a day loop there or in Jones Gap SP. FS and private CG's are in the vicinity. Or, go over to Dupont Rec Area. Dupont has some of the best and largest waterfalls around the area. Very impressive. You can do a 3 day loop in Dupont too but you have to make arrangements for camping outside it's boundaries.

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    It is also possible to make your home base at Oconee State Park and do a series of day hikes.

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