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    Default Oregon permit / hiking restrictions coming in 2020

    Just want to make people aware that plans are in the works to implement a quota based permitting system for some of the most popular areas along the PCT in Oregon starting in 2020.

    For PCT thru-hike holders, it looks like the impact will be minimal. But for a PCT section hiker doing less than 500 miles (like me) this will be a big PITA. Of greatest concern to me is the fixed start and end dates. My daily miles vary quit a bit depending on any number of factors and I have yet to have an itinerary that I have been able to perfectly match. The limit of only two! 'Skyline' permits a day is also severely limiting, good luck nabbing one for the days you want.

    My suggestion would be to enjoy your Oregon section hike this summer if you can.
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    this sucks! but is the way it goes - land managers know its easier to restrict access than to get hikers to reduce their impact.

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